Saturday, February 24, 2007


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Hi Friends.

Well, after lots of tinkering, I have not been able to get Cyberlink PowerDVD HD to play HD DVDs through Parallels. I feared from the beginning this would not work, but, as with so many things, I continued to hope I would be proven wrong and the whole thing "would just work." Oh, that's right, this relies on Windows.

I'm using Beta 3 Build 3106 of Parallels (which is GREAT software -- not working on this issue does not diminish it). The short of it is that the HD DVD drive is recognized in Parallels. You must, of course, click on the USB button and add the XBOX 360 Memory Unit and XBOX 360 HD DVD Drive. The drive appears and opens. The four standard HDVD folders appear.

My guess is that the hang-up in Parallels has to do with graphics drivers. What happens next is that Cyberlink PowerDVD opens, sees the HD DVD, spins it up . . . and then hard freezes. It takes CTRL-ALT-DEL and closing PowerDVD to continue.

I'll continue to play with it and post whatever I can learn. I'd love to hear from others, too. Here is pic of the farthest I have been able to get with PowerDVD. Wouldn't it be cool to have PowerDVD HD running in coherence mode?

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Anonymous said...

I have tried the same. Same result in Parallels. Spins and dies. I ran a checker program from cyberlink, it points to parallels. Oh well...great write up though.